Dr.Pham is great! I have been coming to his practice for many years. I haven't needed much dental work done, but when I do Dr.Pham has been able to take care of it. I enjoy not having to wait for any extended amount of time. Very happy at Dr. Pham's office.
Donna F.

The office always has a positive, friendly atmosphere. I appreciate the friendly reminders for my appointments form Joan and Stacey so that I do not forget to come!
Sue W.

Dr. Pham is an excellent dentist. He is very friendly, family oriented and very adaptable. He goes out of his way to accommodate our family by taking our kids in for appointments quickly and arranging appointments for us very quickly.
Susan M.

I feel secure, welcome and cared for by Dr. Pham and his nice staff.
Laura F.

Dr. Pham and his team consistently work together to provide my family and me with the high standards of dentistry and patient care. We are always well informed and educated prior to and during the delivery of dental services. The attention to detail and our comfort during procedures is exceptional. Thank you very much to Dr. Pham and his team for the many years of friendship and professional services which we will continue to look forward to in the future.
Rose S.

Every time I come to the dentist the staff is always pleasant and very professional. My visits are always thorough and my teeth are always the staff's priority. I would highly recommend Dr. Pham and his staff to anyone.
Keith P.

Excellent staff and very friendly office. I referred a lot of my family and friends here for dental care. We all have very good experiences at Dr. Phams office.
Gail W.

Dr. Pham is a very nice dentist, and the work his office does is exemplary. They treat me and my children very well and I would gladly recommend his office to anybody.
Dennis D.

My family and I have been coming to see Dr. Pham for many years, since our two children were quite young. We are happy coming into the city to see Dr. Pham. We trust him, he is a good dentist and we hope he continues practicing for a long time. He has looked after my family for many years and we hope that continues.
Roy T.

We are very happy with Dr. Phams Dentistry. Hes been great to my whole family as a caring dentist. He does nice work, he is gentle, very helpful and communicative which takes the stress out of a dental visit.
Dana C.

Dr. Phams is a great place to come. I trust his dental work and appreciate all the time he puts into explaining any treatment that needs to be provided. Joan always goes above and beyond by helping me to understand what my insurance covers and I appreciate the time she has taken to explain to me how to find out more from my insurance. Stacey is a wonderful assistant to Dr. Pham, she is always so friendly and makes me feel very comfortable alongside Dr. Pham. Carrie Ann, the hygienist, provides excellent explanations about what she is doing when I come in for my 6 month hygiene appointments. I have learned a lot about what gingivitis is and how to help prevent my teeth from falling out! Overall this is a wonderful clinic to be at and would recommend other people come and meet Dr. Pham!
Genevieve T.

I started coming to Dr. Pham on the advice of my daughter. I am so glad I came. Dr. Pham is very professional but also very relaxed and easy going. I have never seen stress on his face, which makes me feel very comfortable in the chair. He had a difficult tooth to work on in my mouth and he was very good at presenting the possible outcomes for that tooth and what my options were. I appreciated his advice about seeing a specialist and will always trust his dental work and ability to refer me to other specialists in the future. Joan is always pleasantly greeting me and Carrie Ann and Stacey are always smiling too, it is such a great atmosphere at Dr. Pham's office, it is so nice to see that he and his staff are enjoying working together for their clients.
Brian T

I have been going to Dr. Pham since he worked with Dr. Roberson, the previous owner of the practice at this location. Dr. Pham has always been very gentle and careful, ensuring I am well taken care of. I especially appreciate how he handles the anesthetic needle, having always had a dislike and aversion to that part of the work he has to do. I can't think of when I have felt the needle when he uses it. He has always been very thorough and concerned and I know exactly what is going on and why he is doing certain things. While I am far across town from his practice, I find it very worth my while to travel that distance for my appointments, even though there are many dentists closer to where I live.

Dr. Pham's support staff has been like family for me. Joan has been with the practice for many years and is always friendly and interested in what I am doing. Carrie Ann is the delightful hygienist and has really helped me with tips and advice on how to take care of my teeth and gums.

I will continue to have Dr. Pham as my dentist for as long as I am able to cross town to get there!
Jim R.

I would like to say my experience with Dr. Pham and his staff over the years has always been wonderful. They are efficient and very professional. Making sure that I am comfortable and I have no pain when there is any procedure that is performed. Their late hours of operation are also very convenient for me as I work during the day.

Over the years of going to them I have referred many people and they have also had good results and are happy with Dr. Pham. I look forward to many years of having Dr. Pham as my dentist.
Suzanne M.

Dr. Pham and staff provide professional care and service for me family. I especially appreciate the detailed advice offered when discussing the treatment options available.
Jill K.

My family and I have been patients at Dr. Pham's office for a long time. Dr. Pham, Joan and all the staff remember us by first name. Also ask us about events that are happening in our lives and how we are doing. A friendly professional atmosphere and they work hard to calm patients like me down, who do not like needles.
Tammy H.